How to Avoid Denied Water Damage Claims

December 12, 2023 Uncategorized

Article by David Selter

When you sign a homeowner’s insurance policy, you agree to “protect the property from further damage” after an incident. In cases of water damage, it’s crucial to act immediately to prevent additional harm. Prompt engagement of a professional water damage service is essential. Why? Water often extends beyond the visible area, seeping under walls and absorbing into drywall, insulation, and frames. Delay increases moisture spread, leading to preventable damage. This moisture elevates humidity levels, which can surpass the capabilities of a typical air conditioning system, necessitating industrial-grade dehumidifiers. High humidity slows evaporation and causes moisture to condense on other surfaces, potentially damaging ceilings and personal belongings. Insurance companies may deny claims for damage that could have been prevented. Therefore, fulfilling your obligations under the insurance contract is vital. A water damage cleanup firm can also liaise with your insurer, providing technical answers and guiding adjusters through the damage assessment process. Immediate action is key to avoiding claim denial.

Additional tips to prevent claim denial include:

Modify your insurance if your property is vacant or rented. These properties carry higher risks and usually demand increased premiums. If you don’t inform your insurer about the status of your property and experience water damage, your claim might be denied.

Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy. Verify that there’s no limit on water damage coverage. If there is, contact your agent to remove it. A capped coverage can lead to financial loss in the event of significant water damage, often exceeding the cap limit. Adequate coverage is crucial to avoid financial hardship in addition to property damage.

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