CIRS small particle remediation

We remove harmful biotoxins from your home using VOC free products

Have you been diagnosed with CIRS or another chronic illness caused by mold biotoxins and mycotoxins? We are aware of how sensitive you become with this genetic disorder and the negative effects it can have on your body – fatigue, aches, migranes, shortness of breath – the list goes on. Actually, 25% of the world population is susceptible to CIRS. As large of a concern as this illness presents, not many companies treat it.

We are a woman-owned family business and we take the safety of our clients very seriously. Oftentimes CIRS symptoms are triggered with prolonged exposure to WDH or “water damaged homes” which create the perfect breeding ground for black molds, fungi, mycotoxins and biotoxins aka – small particles.

We remediate homes for individuals with chronic illness and compromised immune systems, on a microscopic level, to ensure all harmful particles are removed and the source of the the contamination is eliminated.

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Yes, we are licensed by the TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation)  for both Mold Testing AND Mold Remediation. 

Small particle cleaning is a process for removing harmful microscopic particles (as small ass .1 microns) from your home. This differs from a typical mold remediation process as specialty equipment, chemicals and education are required.

Mold remediation technician applying mold resistant encapsulation

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