How Do You Dry Out a House After a Water Leak?

December 12, 2023 Uncategorized

Article by David Selter

Over recent years, the Gulf Coast has been severely impacted by water damage, particularly the Texas Gulf Coast, which has faced devastating storms and freezes. In many cases, due to the extensive flooding, individuals have had to manage their own recovery efforts. Here’s a guide to dealing with water damage in your building:

  1. Actively remove any standing water using available methods.
  2. Discard porous materials like drywall that cannot be saved.
  3. Maximize air flow throughout the area.
  4. Employ dehumidifiers to absorb moisture from evaporating water.
  5. Regularly check moisture levels in damp materials with a moisture meter to ensure proper drying.

You can undertake these steps independently without enlisting a water damage restoration service, though this requires proper knowledge, resources, and significant effort. Whether you opt for professional help or handle it yourself, certain considerations are crucial.

Regarding drywall, it’s highly absorbent and can wick water up the wall, losing structural integrity rapidly. Leaving wet drywall in place hinders the drying process of structures behind it and can foster mold growth. Attempting to save wet drywall is often counterproductive.

Dehumidifiers are essential, especially when the external humidity is high and opening windows isn’t an option. They help remove moisture from the air, preventing saturation and promoting quicker drying. High indoor humidity, exceeding 60%, can lead to moisture condensing on cooler surfaces, creating a perfect environment for mold.

Investing in a quality moisture meter is crucial for monitoring drying progress. It helps you adjust your strategy, modify or add equipment, and identify problem areas at risk of mold before they cause widespread contamination.

These basic tips are beneficial whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a restoration company. Remember, having the right knowledge is empowering.

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