Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair Specialists

When the firefighters leave, the fire damage says behind –

Wet soot, smoke damaged and charred materials, smoke, and other powerful odors. Coming in, taking control of the situation and eliminating this mess is what fire cleaup is about.

Fire damage cleanup and restoration:

  1. The non-salvageable wet and charred materials need to be removed from the fire damage scene. Then we thoroughly dry out everything else. Dehumidifiers and other drying equipment eliminates moisture that intensifies all related odors.
  2. HEPA filtered air scrubbers  cleanse the air of dust and ash during the restoration.
  3. Each fire damaged surface is cleaned with specialized cleaners such as degreasers, soot erasers, and wood restoration cleaners. Air ducts are cleaned and sealed for added protection.
  4. This thorough cleaning is the key to preventing the spread of contaminants and eliminating the offensive odors from the smoke damage and makes the Fire Damage Restoration process complete where it doesn’t have to be done twice.
  5. The removal of non-salvageable materials, drying everything out, thoroughly cleaning everything, and eliminating the odors from the fire damage are all key to getting you back into a fresh healthy environment. Then you can proceed with any required Fire Restoration.

Fire Damage and Smoke Damage Restoration