How to Deal with Mold in your Home

Article by David Selter

Have you walked through your house and out of the corner of your eye you noticed some discoloration along your wall, ceiling or floor? It’s very possible it could be mold.  Best case scenario is it’s just a small spot that you just found. Worse case is it’s a much larger area that is covered and can eventually weaken your walls, ceilings and floor. 

Mold can be dangerous to everyone’s health if not treated properly and cosmetically speaking, it doesn’t look very welcoming either.  If you’re trying to try to sell your home, you might as well put out a ‘Not For Sale’ sign.  

So what should you do? Your first move should be to give a mold expert a call, someone who has the experience and knows how to handle the situation and eliminate the mold in a safe manner.  Do-it-yourself work can be very risky to both your structure and your health, so it’s important to bring in an experienced and trained technician to do a thorough mold inspection and make sure you and everyone in your home or business remain safe.

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