Mold Removal Articles

Effective Mold Prevention Strategies

Mold is far more than a simple aesthetic issue; it presents a series of critical health hazards as well as poses a real threat to the structural integrity of your property…READ MORE

Mold Toxicity: Risks and Remediation

Mold in the home is an issue that warrants immediate attention. Failing to address it can not only compromise the structural integrity of your living spaces but can also pose substantial risks to your health…READ MORE

Mold Allergies: Symptoms and Solutions

Mold allergies are an often-underestimated health concern that affects a substantial number of people across the United States annually. These allergies can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, influencing not just your physical health but also your overall sense of well-being…READ MORE

Why Does a House Get Mold?

Well, we do a lot of mold testing, and we can tell you that mold in a home is not the sign of a dirty house. It’s just that the conditions that are ideal for humans to live in, are also ideal for mold…READ MORE

Can I Do My Own Mold Inspection?

Actually, that’s the first thing you should do if you’re concerned about having mold in your home. Unless the mold contamination is obvious, in which case you should contact a professional who…READ MORE

Do I need mold testing to make sure my home is mold-free?

The truth is that there is no such thing as a mold-free home because mold spores are in every environment, including your home. Humans have been living with mold since before biblical times. Even…READ MORE

Mold Removal 101

If you see visible mold, signs of chronic moisture, and/or have a strong musty odor in your home or business, call a mold remediation company. They will come out and give you a free evaluation of the…READ MORE

Mold FAQs

This is not a simple question to answer since there are more than 100,000 different kinds of mold in nature with more than 30 types commonly found indoors. The reaction to them depends on the…READ MORE

Mold In My House – How Big of a Health Problem Is It?

The EPA states that all molds have the potential to cause negative health effects. Their review of available evidence leads them to conclude that there is a wide range of respiratory health effects, including…READ MORE

Tips for Doing Mold Remediation in Texas

Whether you are hiring a mold remediation company or you are going to attempt mold removal on your own, here are some basics to keep in mind: 1. Test the surfaces and air for mold contamination…READ MORE

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

The cost of mold cleanup by a licensed mold remediation company will vary according to the severity of the contamination and the size of the area involved. But before we get to the specific costs of…READ MORE

Contain Your Mold Problem

In a climate like we have it is common to find low levels of mold spores inside homes. But if you find you have an issue with high levels of mold in your house, and plan to hire a mold cleanup company…READ MORE

What? Mold in MY House?

Mold spores will almost always be found inside of homes, and most of those mold spores come from outside. Ordinary everyday cleaning keeps these mold spore counts at low levels. There is usually at…READ MORE

Is Mold Removal Regulated by Law?

Mold removal in our area is regulated by the Texas department of Health. If you hire a mold remediation company to remove mold, and there is more than 25 contiguous square feet of mold involved, the…READ MORE

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mold

DON’T place fans on mold damaged areas. When you blow air onto mold it will disperse tiny harmful spores into the air, quickly and negatively affecting the air quality. DON’T try to kill the mold….READ MOLD

The Dangers of Mold and How to Combat it

If you live anywhere near the Texas Gulf region, we have bad news for you. Mold is an ever growing threat and is very conductive to the area’s climate. Most forms of mold aren’t dangerous, but certain…READ MORE

How to Deal with Mold in your Home

Have you walked through your house and out of the corner of your eye you noticed some discoloration along your wall, ceiling or floor? It’s very possible it could be mold.  Best case scenario is it’s just a small…READ MORE

Toxic Mold Exposure Symptoms

Mold removal and clean up has been considered essential when high levels of mold are discovered indoors because prolonged exposure to mold and mold byproducts was suspected to be dangerous to human…READ MORE