How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

Article by David Selter

The cost of mold cleanup by a licensed mold remediation company will vary according to the severity of the contamination and the size of the area involved. But before we get to the specific costs of mold remediation, let’s see what is involved in a typical mold job in the state of Texas, from the initial mold testing through the final clearance.

When you call a mold removal company, most of the time they will come out at no charge and let you know if you even have a problem, and how involved it is, before you start spending money. If you do, they can recommend that you call a mold assessment company to do mold testing and write a protocol describing exactly what needs to be done. In Texas, remediation contractors do the actual work, while the mold assessment consultants do the mold testing, protocol, and final clearance. By law they cannot be the same company. The law is for your protection. Since the mold assessment company also does the final testing and clearance, they act as the independent third party protecting your interests. A formal protocol is required by the state for any mold problem involving more than 25 square feet. Also state inspectors show up on jobs from time to time to verify that the job is being performed according to the protocol.

The typical job will require the mold removal company to build a walk in containment made of light framing and 6 mil plastic that is kept under constant negative air pressure. This is to prevent the dislodged mold spores from spreading to unaffected areas. The containment will also contain HEPA filtered air scrubbers to remove airborne mold spores, and dehumidification equipment to eliminate the moisture causing the mold problem. The contaminated material is then removed, followed by HEPA vacuuming, heavy cleaning, disinfecting, and the sealing of the contained area. The assessment company is notified to return and conduct the final testing. When the tests show the remediation is successful, the job is given final clearance. In about ten days the property owner will receive a Texas Department of Insurance “Certificate of Mold Remediation”. It will be signed by the mold removal contractor and the mold assessment consultant, and state that the mold problem has been successfully remediated.

So the cost of mold removal depends on what you need done. An initial look/see by a mold remediation company would usually be at no charge. If they suggest you call a mold consultant, the initial inspection report and mold testing could be in the $300 to $600 range, depending on how widespread the mold problem is and how many samples they need to test. If the results show that mold remediation is required, they will need to write a protocol and do the final testing and clearance after the job is complete. So your total cost on the consultant side could be in the $1200 plus range if remediation is needed.

The cost of the mold cleanup itself in a home could start at $3,000 to $4,000 for small jobs, and could typically go to 15 or $20,000 for large ones. The mold removal company will give you an estimate up front that will include the Texas state fees and the state required insurance. If you have mold coverage on your homeowners insurance, it is capped at $5,000 in Texas. But part of the job can also be covered under your homeowners insurance as a water loss. This would include the cost of the dehumidifiers and tearing out the wet materials. And it would also usually cover the cost of rebuilding those areas, which could include refinishing and or painting entire rooms to ensure that you are back to a pre loss condition. A good mold remediation company will separate those costs into a mold remediation invoice and a water damage invoice to help you get the insurance coverage you have paid for and are entitled to.

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