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Customer Review: “We had a leak in our kitchen that flooded our whole downstairs and Dry More came in and did an amazing job drying everything out. When you’re dealing with such a stressful event it is good to work with a company that is very competent, trustworthy, and friendly through out the whole process.

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“DryMore team were timely, responsive, thorough, communicative, and professional. I called on a Tuesday afternoon with an urgent mold remediation project, and they began at 7am the next day….” …More

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Per guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the control of mold is essentially a moisture control process. A key factor in mitigating mold growth is the timely drying of flooded areas and items within a 24 to 48-hour window. Different varieties of mold exist but they all require moisture to grow.

DryMore is a Mold Remediation Company officially licensed by the state of Texas.

What Should You Understand About Mold?

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Mold is a natural component of the environment and aids in decomposing dead organic material such as fallen leaves and dead trees. Molds reproduce via tiny airborne spores that exist both outdoors and indoors. When these spores land on a damp surface indoors, they begin to multiply. Cleaning moldy air ducts under negative pressure is crucial to prevent the dispersal of mold spores. If not removed, indoor mold growth can generate allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances. These substances pose little threat outdoors due to dilution, but in confined indoor spaces, their concentration can increase and potentially cause health problems. Exposure to mold spores may result in allergic reactions, presenting symptoms akin to hay fever, including sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash. Mold can also trigger asthma attacks in individuals who are allergic to it. Health effects are still under research, and the effects listed here are not exhaustive. Mold can be elusive and it may be challenging to detect mold in HVAC ducts until symptoms manifest, therefore, prompt mold cleanup is crucial.

How is mold cleanup conducted in Pecan Grove, TX

Mold cleanup and removal in Pecan Grove typically involves containment, cleaning and/or removal of mold-contaminated materials, followed by a clearance inspection.

The containment process usually involves erecting a lightweight wooden frame covered in plastic sheeting, with a slit entrance for workers covered by an external flap. In smaller affected areas, such as a long wall, the framework would be open on the side of the mold-infected wall, and fastened to the wall and ceiling with duct tape. Within this contained area, all openings like air vents and doors must be sealed with plastic to prevent the spread of contaminants.

A HEPA-filtered negative air machine is used to draw air from the affected area, filter it, and vent it outside the building. The resulting negative air pressure in the containment area prevents mold spores and other contaminants from escaping to other parts of the building during cleanup. Once containment is secured, mold cleanup can commence.

Why are professional mold removal experts needed in Pecan Grove?

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During the cleaning and/or removal of mold-contaminated materials, for health reasons, workers are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including full-face HEPA respirators, gloves, and full-body suits with sealed gaps. The cleaning process varies based on the material and severity of contamination.

Porous materials like carpets and upholstery are usually wet vacuumed, HEPA vacuumed and discarded. Non-porous hard surfaces like plastics or metals are typically wet vacuumed, damp wiped, and HEPA vacuumed. The more porous a material, the more likely it has to be discarded.

Once all contaminated materials are cleaned and/or removed, a clearance inspection is carried out. This inspection must be conducted by a state-licensed Mold Assessment Consultant, and not by the remediation company performing the cleanup, to avoid any conflict of interest.

For more about mold inspection & testing in Pecan Grove TX, contact DryMore at 713-299-7742.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mold Remediation

DON’T aim fans at mold-damaged areas as it will disperse harmful spores into the air, negatively impacting air quality.

DON’T try to kill the mold. Even dead mold spores can be harmful.

DON’T spray bleach or other household chemicals on mold. This may actually stimulate more growth.

DON’T paint or varnish over mold, assuming it’s eliminated. The paint will soon peel to reveal the damage again.

DON’T underestimate the harmful effects of mold. Mold is an airborne pathogen and can negatively affect your health, regardless of your general health status.

DO wear personal protection including a respirator with P100 HEPA filtration cartridges, gloves, and a hazmat suit.

DO use plastic sheeting for containment to limit the spread of spores.

DO use a HEPA vacuum and negative air pressure for ventilation and air filtration.

DO enlist a professional mold inspection to locate all mold spore areas and ensure comprehensive remediation.

DO seek the expertise of professional mold removal and remediation experts for a thorough evaluation and swift resolution to your problem.

We understand that there are many mold remediation companies to choose from in the area, and we appreciate your trust in us as your chosen mold removal contractors.

DryMore is a Mold Remediation Company servicing the entire Pecan Grove TX area, including 77469.


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