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Beeville Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Beeville TXFor fast restoration and air quality services, call DRYMORE and talk directly to a supervisor 24 hours a day. We’ll dispatch a team to get your home or office up and running as soon as possible.

A flood damage incident can make life troublesome and confusing. You don’t have a clue who to call when your home floods, or what to do to get moisture out of your house or dry out a flooded house. Flood restoration and cleanup is not something that you can deal with totally independent from anyone else with trust. You will need to have an expert whom you trust to promptly go to your home, take an exhaustive look all around your home – including your attic, basement, and crawl space – and provide you a free estimate with the goal that the work to get everything again to ordinary can start quickly. We can dry wet carpet and do wood floor drying and hardwood floor drying to restore them to pre-disaster condition.

Whether the cause is a leaky or broken pipe, a refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher or water heater malfunction, a sewer line break or back up, or an overflow of your sink or  toilet, call DRYMORE to Dry it Fast! We’ll handle all your storm damage and window board ups as well. We understand the importance to you and your family in having your home’s cleanup handled quickly and completely. And we know how much the damage can cost if your business is shut down.

Call us any day, at any time, and we will answer our own phones and talk to you to answer your questions and get help on the way immediately. DryMore is your company for water removal, clean up, and restoration.

Water Cleanup and Removal in Beeville TX

DryMore is a BBB accredited company. In fact, we’ve won the BBB Award for Excellence the last four years in a row because we do whatever it takes to make things right for you. Experiencing flood damage is a traumatic experience. You need someone to take charge of the situation for you and get things back under control.

Having a flooded house is a devastating experience. You are in the middle of a total mess. Our job is to take care all water cleanup and water removal, so you can focus on getting your life back to normal. So for fast flood removal and dry out in the Beeville area, call DryMore. We’ll get you back to normal.

When you call us, you talk directly to one of us day and night. We answer all your questions, get our guys on their way, and contact the insurance company for you. When we arrive at your home we access the situation and explain everything that needs to be done and how we will go about it, and we begin the cleanup immediately. We call your insurance company for you, explain everything to them, and get you a claim number. Later we will meet with your insurance adjuster at your home and plan any further course of action. We’ll handle all your flood damage cleanup and repair.

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For immediate help with Beeville water damage restoration or flooding damage, contact DRYMORE at (361) 850-2800!

The Process of Water Restoration

1. Water Removal/Sewage Removal/Flood Damage Clean Up

This will usually involve extraction to remove the standing flooding, and the removal of wet materials like carpet padding, damaged sheetrock, and soaked insulation. A professional water damage company like DRYMORE will have the proper equipment and the manpower to handle this, which will get you quickly on to on to phase 2.

2. Drying

Fast structural drying through the use of dehumidifiers and air movers is essential to halting the effects of moisture laden air. Generating super dry air with dehumidifiers and directing that air with powerful air movers will draw the moisture out of structural materials and speed up their drying. That also prevents secondary damage to areas that weren’t originally damaged. High moisture levels in the air can cause paint to peel, building materials to warp, and mold to grow in areas where it wasn’t present. Drying the wet structural materials and removing excessive moisture from the air is extremely important for limiting the damage during water damage cleanup.

3. Repair

Once the structure has been tested by DRYMORE or another Beeville water damage restoration company to ensure that it is completely dry, you can begin repairing the damage to get things back to normal. Typically, a remediation company will have removed baseboards or cove base and drilled holes along the bottom of the walls to facilitate the dying of the wall cavities. Padding and possibly carpet will have been removed. Damaged sheetrock in the ceiling that may have sagged and broken from retaining water will have to be repaired. Finally, any items permanently damaged from water, such as; insulation, items damaged by water coming from the floor above, or wood floors that are beyond repair, will have to be replaced.

Water Damage Restoration Costs

The cost of water damage restoration in a home or office depends a lot on what materials can be successfully dried out and saved, and what needs to be replaced. For example, when a home is flooded from a broken pipe, successfully drying the hardwood floors means that at most they will only need to be refinished. Refinishing is a lot less costly than tearing out and replacing the same floors. The same holds true of built in cabinets, judges paneling, carpeting, and even drywall. The more that can be saved, the less costly the restoration will be.

We Take Care of Your Flood and Sewage Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Beeville TXWhat can be saved and what must be replaced depends on: the source of the flooding, the length of time the materials have been wet, and what drying equipment and techniques are used. If the source of the water is from a sewage line, all porous materials must be replaced for health concerns. But if the flooding is from a ruptured water line or overflowing sink or washing machine, most structural materials can be successfully dried out, but time is of the essence. The longer materials are wet, the more they degrade and the more likely there is to be microbial growth. A flooded hardwood floor may be already showing some signs of damage such as a raised grain and some warping, but if the drying process is starts soon enough the flooring can go back to its original form. Carpet Drying is essential as to prevent a breeding ground for mold. However, if anything remains wet for too long, the damage becomes irreversible.

Even if the source is not contaminated  by sewage damage and the drying process is begun in a timely manner, the proper drying process and equipment must be used if one is trying to restore, not replace, damaged materials. A few of the techniques we use such as floor mat drying systems to pull warm dry air from dehumidification equipment up through the hardwood flooring, air injection systems to dry built in cabinets and the area beneath and behind them, and heat drying equipment to speed the rate of drying are used to dry structures without tearing everything out.

Infrared cameras are also a must when it comes to drying a damaged home or office with the least disruption and cost. The infrared camera shows any moisture that may be in the walls or behind cabinets or under flooring, that can’t be accessed with traditional moisture meters without tearing things out. When you employ a company that uses infrared technology, you can see with your own eyes where the moisture is, and when it’s completely dry. To control the costs of repair, act quickly and choose a company such as Drymore with the expertise to know what can be saved, and what must be replaced.

DryMore is a water damage company that handles all residential and commercial water cleanup. If you are in need of an emergency water damage service whether it be sewage cleanup, basement water damage, odor elimination or flooding in your home or office, don’t hesitate, call us immediately so we can get started right away.

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