Water Damage Phone Calls After Hours

December 12, 2023 Uncategorized

Article by David Selter

Why do some water damage restoration companies respond to after-hours calls directly, while others don’t? Imagine it’s a Sunday afternoon or late at night, and you find your home or business flooded. In such a crisis, when contacting a water damage cleanup firm, you’d expect to speak with an actual representative, not leave a message in uncertainty. That’s the principle behind DryMore Water Damage Restoration’s policy of answering our phones personally, 24/7, every day of the year. Other companies might opt for the more convenient and cost-effective answering services or voicemail systems, leaving customers to deal with automated responses.

However, in urgent situations like standing in floodwater during an odd hour, immediate communication with an expert in water damage restoration, ready to promptly dispatch their team for water removal and drying, is crucial. The urgency in addressing water damage can’t be overstated. Water often spreads beyond visible areas, seeping under walls, cabinets, soaking into drywall and structural frames. Should the water source be overhead, such as in an attic, the risk escalates with the potential of ceiling collapse due to water-logged drywall, posing a safety hazard and causing significant property damage. Prompt professional intervention is needed not just for safety but also to avert escalating damages that your insurance might not cover if immediate action isn’t taken.

Facing water damage is undeniably an emergency, indifferent to the time or day it strikes. That necessitates a water damage restoration service that’s always ready to respond – a service that understands the critical nature of timely action in preventing further damage. Although it may cost a restoration company more to maintain round-the-clock personal phone responses, in the realm of water damage, swift action is invaluable.

Sincerely, David Selter

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