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Chang Liu
‘Came back from a vacation and found out my living room and master bed were all wet due to a water leak in the kitchen. Called Drymore after reading good reviews. Two hours later they showed up and started their work right away. Good experience, polite staff, will call them again when necessary in the future.” …More

Gwen F. 
“DryMore professionally guided us through correcting the damage caused by a cracked upstairs toilet tank. DryMore was timely and thorough. DryMore’s method instilled confidence that we were preventing future problems that could be the result of water damage. We recommend DryMore and would call on them again.”


Quality Water Damage Repair in Port Arthur

Water Damage Restoration Port Arthur TXDon’t let water damage disrupt your life. Reach out to DRYMORE, a trusted expert in water damage restoration in Port Arthur, TX. With our 24/7 service, a supervisor is always on call to provide prompt water extraction, water removal, and air quality services. We’ll dispatch a skilled team to your property to ensure quick restoration and minimal disruption.

Tackling flood restoration alone can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in. Our team of professionals will provide a thorough inspection of your property, including attics, basements, and crawl spaces, and offer a free estimate. We can promptly start the work to restore everything to its normal state, from drying wet carpets to restoring hardwood floors.

Fast Response to Any Water Damage Incident

We understand that water damage incidents don’t adhere to regular business hours, which is why our services are available 24/7. We’re dedicated to arriving promptly, regardless of the hour or the severity of the water damage. Our goal is to take swift action, preventing additional damage and escalating costs.

When we receive your call, our well-equipped team springs into action. Our first priority is to perform a comprehensive assessment of the damage and then establish a strategic plan of action. This often involves immediate water extraction, the first crucial step in mitigating further damage.

Along with rapid water removal, we also specialize in dealing with storm damage, ensuring your home or business is secure with window board-ups. In the face of severe weather, this service can be a crucial preventive measure, protecting your property from further harm.

Reliable Water Removal & Cleanup in Port Arthur TX

Water Removal Port Arthur TXDryMore is your reliable, go-to service provider for effective water damage cleanup in Port Arthur, Texas. We understand that each minute counts when a water disaster strikes, and our team is fully prepared to provide immediate response 24/7. Our skilled technicians, equipped with industry-leading technology and methodologies, ensure a thorough and expedited cleanup process.

Our services encompass all aspects of water damage restoration. From assessing the extent of water damage to extracting water, drying the area, dehumidification, and disinfecting, we ensure that every necessary step is taken to bring your property back to its pre-damage state. We pay careful attention to detail, guaranteeing that hidden moisture and potential mold growth are appropriately addressed.

Our company’s unique approach blends advanced technology with tested and proven methods. This combined with our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, makes us stand out in the water damage restoration sector. We are always at your service, ready to minimize the disruption and stress caused by unforeseen water damage.

Contact DryMore anytime. Our team is ready to provide assistance day or night, weekends, or holidays. We offer quick responses to queries, speedy dispatch of crews, and assistance with insurance company communication. We are proud to be a four-time winner of the BBB Award for Excellence. DryMore is committed to managing the mess so that you can focus on getting back to normalcy. Trust us to handle your flood damage cleanup and repair.


For immediate help with water damage restoration or flooding damage, contact DRYMORE at (409) 923-9900!

What Determines Water Damage Restoration Costs?

The cost of water damage restoration in Port Arthur, TX, is largely dependent on what can be salvaged and what needs replacement. If materials like hardwood floors can be successfully dried and refinished, the cost of restoration will be significantly lower than replacing them. The source of the water, duration of exposure, and drying techniques used are critical factors in determining what can be saved.

Addressing Flood and Sewage Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Port Arthur TXDifferent sources of water damage require different responses. If the water source is a sewage line, all porous materials must be replaced due to health concerns. However, if the water is from a ruptured water line or an overflowing appliance, most structural materials can be successfully dried out, given immediate action. Failure to act quickly could lead to irreversible damage and potential microbial growth.

Advanced Drying Techniques and Technology

Utilizing advanced drying techniques and equipment is critical to restoring damaged materials without complete replacement. From floor mat drying systems and air injection systems to heat drying equipment, we employ a range of techniques to dry water damaged structures effectively. Our use of infrared cameras enables us to detect hidden moisture, ensuring thorough drying and saving you unnecessary costs.

Choosing the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

When dealing with water damage, choosing the right restoration company can control costs and ensure quality service. A company with proven expertise and positive customer reviews, like DryMore, is your ideal choice. For immediate assistance with water damage restoration or flood damage, call DRYMORE at (409) 923-9900 today!

We are here to serve any type of water damage restoration needs. In addition, DRYMORE provides services in Port Arthur TX, including 77611, 77619, 77627, 77630, 77640, 77642, 77651, 77655, and 77705.

Learn More About Port Arthur TX

Port Arthur is a city in Jefferson County within the Beaumont−Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area of the U.S. state of Texas. A small portion extends into Orange County. The population was 53,818 at the 2010 census. Early attempts at settlements in the area had all failed. However, in 1895 Arthur Stilwell founded Port Arthur, and the town quickly grew. Port Arthur was incorporated as a city in 1898 and soon developed into a seaport. It eventually became the center of a large oil refinery network. The Rainbow Bridge across the Neches River connects Port Arthur to Bridge City.

For immediate Port Arthur water removal and help with your water damage restoration or flooding damage, contact DRYMORE at (409) 923-9900!