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Drymore Makes Water Damage Restoration Easier For You

Whether the cause is a storm, frozen pipe water damage, a broken sump pump, a dishwasher or water heater breakdown, a sewage backup, or an overflow of your sink or toilet, call DRYMORE to Dry it Fast! We know the importance to get water damage cleanup done rapidly and completely.

Our Sugar Land water damage restoration company arrives immediately 24/7 to serve any kind of water damage need.

Experienced Sugar Land Water Damage Cleanup & Removal

Experiencing a flooded house can be overwhelming, but rest assured that we are well-equipped to handle it for you. We will take control of the situation by explaining to you exactly what we are doing and why. Our team will initiate the cleanup and start the dry-out process immediately. Additionally, we will contact your insurance company on your behalf, explain the situation to them, acquire a claim number, and communicate with you and your adjuster throughout the job.

For the fastest Sugar Land water damage restoration near you, contact BBB A+ rated DryMore Company. Our warehouse on Beltway is just a few minutes away from Sugar Land. Regardless of the time you call, you will always communicate directly with us, allowing us to assess the situation with you and provide the necessary help.

What To Do If You Have Water Damage

When facing water damage or flooding at home, don’t waste time researching every aspect of water mitigation and restoration. Instead, keep these essential tips in mind before starting any water damage cleanup project.

  1. Act Quickly: Once water damage occurs, you only have 24 to 48 hours to address it before mold and mildew start growing. These can pose health risks and add to your stress during this challenging time.
  2. Prioritize Safety: Before starting the cleanup, ensure that you and others won’t be put at risk. Think about whether it’s safe to be in the house and conduct remediation tasks.
  3. Document the Damage: Take numerous photos of affected areas before starting any restoration work. List damaged items and their values for insurance purposes.
  4. Remove Damaged Materials: Dispose of flooring materials like carpet, padding, felt, sheet vinyl, laminate, or tile flooring. Clear wet items from the floor to minimize further damage.
  5. Call Experts: Contact DryMore Restoration at (281) 713-9927 for 24/7 assistance from a supervisor. Speaking with an experienced professional day or night will help you understand the cleanup process and guide you on what to do next.

For immediate help with Sugar Land water removal, contact DRYMORE at (281) 713-9927!


DryMore is a Sugar Land water damage company that handles everything from water removal to full water damage restoration and repairs. If you are in need, don’t hesitate. Call us immediately at (281) 713-9927 so we can get started right away.

DryMore provides services throughout Sugar Land TX and the surrounding areas, including 77478.

For immediate help with your water damage cleanup in Sugar Land TX, contact DRYMORE at (281) 713-9927!